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In reality, though, there’s no front facing camera on this phone, they added one of those. How is it possible that neither Apple nor Google have offered up the product placement necessary to pull this off? Now that it is no longer future tech, is there some fear that the protagonist of some future movie will encourage misbehavior with our smartphones?

In fact, the VX9400 was a joint marketing plan with Verizon in that the phone had extra bonus content for Iron man when the phone came out, and this was one of the first VCast TV optimized phones, so the phone would have been capable of generating video quality of that caliber. Or, is it that the i Phone and current Android phones aren’t gadgety enough?

Ever since I was a kid, my favorite comics, books, and movies have all contained a seemingly mythical piece of technology: video chat.

Dick Tracy’s video watch started it for me, I think, and I have seen similar pieces of technology all throughout my years as a sci-fi geek.

This time, though, he went into his local Verizon Wireless for suggestions.

This time, the special effects department at least gave it a shot.

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Well, it’s not just for comics and movies anymore, is it?

Thanks to services in both i OS and Android now, we can video chat just like the spies.

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