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Anfangs war es auch wenigstens so witzig wie bei einem Blind Date.
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“Wood nymph.” “Teething infant.” A “faerie [who has] a squeaky voice that sounds like it’s been stepped on.” These are but a few of the ways journalists and other content curmudgeons have characterized the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joanna Newsom.If I didn’t know better, I’d think these writers were describing a woman with the disposition and fortitude of an especially helpless Disney princess.

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that there is an “enduring love” for this format among music fans.And Newsom’s boots, despite the delicate rhetoric that surrounds her, are made for kicking your heart to pieces.Despite her immense talents as a musician, songwriter, and performer, perhaps no contemporary artist who matters has inspired more divisive reactions or is more misunderstood than Joanna Newsom., Fleet Foxes aligned themselves with a class of folk musicians trying to expand the genre.Their songs incorporated folk’s most traditional components—lush harmonies, gently strummed acoustic guitars, bucolic imagery—but emboldened them within music that refused to stay in one place.While is Fleet Foxes’ most distinctive record—one that no longer finds them aligned with any particular movement in indie rock—it also positions them within a musical lineage dating back half a century.