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Even when married, a spouse cannot be forced to have sexual contact.
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Even if you just want to look at his adorable smile, if he logs on and sees you’ve viewed him 20 times, he might get creeped out and think you’re obsessive.The alternative, of course, is to take a screenshot of his photos and keep them on your computer so you can view them before you go to sleep without having to log on.The cost is .90/month for three months or .50/month for six months.

And please don’t request to be your date’s friend before a date or even after you first start dating.This won’t prevent them from knowing when your last login date was should they check on you, but at least they can’t see you’ve viewed their profile 10 times in three hours.Since dating sites and their algorithms are created to help you meet someone and not stalk someone, a few of the Internet dating sites have included premium features to help your visibility, as well as hide your visibility, but it comes with a price tag.Gone are the days when a Google search isn’t part of the digital dating process.Not only can you search for someone’s name, but you also can search for their photos to see who they’re hanging out with and where they’d like to go.So should you sneak a peek, and how do you do so without coming off like an obsessed maniac?