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70% of shows with “blurred nudity” appeared before . 60% of 11-16 year olds have internet access in their room.It probably won’t be long before the pixels come off. UK Mail Online, 4-18-12One of the largest porn sites in the world receives 4.4 billion page views a month by 350 million unique visitors, 3 times the page views of CNN or ESPN.65% agreed that porn was harmful, 82% that it degraded women, and 76% agreed that porn use leads to sexual addiction.Trinidad Express, October 18, 2014A survey by Canadian researchers shows that U. states with the greatest religious and politically conservative affiliation are apt to search the most for sex online.The Daily Beast, October 11, 2014Christians who support gay marriage are seven times more likely to approve of pornography, six times more likely to approve of promiscuity, and five times as likely to approve of adultery as compared to those who don’t.

30% admit their performance at work suffers because of porn.

Christian Post, February 13, 2014During the Super Bowl, porn use in Denver dropped 51%, while porn use in Seattle fell 61%.

By pm Eastern time, when the outcome of the game had been determined, porn use in Denver rocketed from -51% to 18%.

But going for 1,2,3,4,5,6 will only bring you a tiny windfall – even if all the numbers come up.

That is because about 10,000 people choose that option each week, according to Dr Simon Cox of Southampton University.‘There is no scientific way of predicting the winning numbers in advance but choosing unpopular sets of numbers increases one’s return in the long term,’ said Dr Cox, an expert in algorithms – mathematical problem solving.