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For example, when a car is resprayed a different colour, in 90% of the time the engine bay will be left the original colour.

In 10% of the time, the door jambs will be left the old colour too!

And I’ll tell you a little bit more about the car itself soon, too.

Can’t talk now…’got some Webers to go and take apart. : Project Hakosuka: Right Back At The Beginning (Part One) Well, I guess I better tell you guys a little more about the car!

But that was also the problem…pretty much any car will look clean and straight in a picture, and of course the Japanese have such great taste in wheels, stance, etc that there is a great temptation to assume that every car is perfect.

As western car guys, we tend to assume that if something looks right, it is right, but that turned out to be a very dangerous attitude to have when it came to shopping for JDM classics.

It’s been quite interesting for me to read over these old updates, and in hindsight, I was so unbelievably optimistic about getting the car on the road quickly and how, at every step of the way, I was convinced that we were “close”! Without further ado, here are the original Grand JDM Project Hakosuka updates, reproduced! I bought a Hakosuka It’s been quite a long time in the making, but I think we can now let the cat out of the bag.

There are, however, like-minded JDM car guys out there so it’s a question of sorting out the cars that were good, from the cars simply looked good. But unfortunately by then I’d decided that I really wanted a 2dr Hardtop…a light colour (preferably white) with flares front and back, a hot engine and Watanabes…. The right car eventually came up at Tokyo nostalgic dealer, Red Megaphone.

I’d owned JDM imports before (there are plenty of second hand imported JDM cars in Australia) but nothing this old.

So on 12th November I send an email to our friends at J-Spec.

It’s also one of the most expensive examples of its kind on sale in Japan currently, at a very well known classic car dealer.

But when you look at the detail, it is simply not of a standard that would satisfy most car guys in the west.