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Megahn Perry (Mo) charmed the pants out of me as the sexy Goth chick. Richard Trapp (Frijole) steals the show as the Hispanic looking, but black talking, mack daddy, stoner dude. Coolio (Officer Starkey) shows up long enough to get a few chuckles out of you. David Gunn (Saul) is freaking hilarious as the poseur Son Of Lucifer Goth boy! Its very much in the veins of Bad Taste or Dead Alive.

Kelly Mantle (Dickie-Boy) does fine as the gayish minion of darkness but he kind of gave me the brrrs. We get a bit off tongue, lots of beheadings, a ripped-off face, a kool flashlight gag, a shower of blood, lots of bullet hits, a bashed-in head and much more.

He also knows how to shoot carnage (the opening scene rocked my world! Tag that with some kool shots, slick flashbacks and a quick pace and you get a tight horror piece.

This flick reminded me of the days when horror used to be fun, we need more puppies like this. Let's just say that Mendezs depiction of a shroom trip was very accurate (to the song Dream Weaver no less). We were all there with Frijole (keep in mind that we were also fucked up), tripping with him and when that unfortunate event happened to him at the end of the scene, we all jumped out of our seats holding our bleep and yelling in pain (youll see). After that, we paused the film and all drank to him. I do have a few negative things to say about the flick though.First of all, due to the large amount of characters in the movie, some of them get lost in the shuffle (whos Biff again?The laughs drown the scares but "The Convent" is still a riot to watch.It can be enjoyed solo but I highly suggest you watch it with a bunch of friends.Didnt think so; it was the first time that I saw shite like that, and my boyz and I affectionately dubbed the zombies: rave zombies.