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Consolidating spare part warehouses

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Consequently, we help our customers experience an increase in wrench time by up to 25% by making it easier and faster for maintenance workers to find the information they need to do their jobs.

Our solutions help our customers reduce the stocking of unnecessary parts by eliminating duplicate and obsolete inventory.

We help our customers associate supporting documentation, such as photos, parts catalogs, maintenance guides, and engineering documents directly with a piece of equipment.

This information is then easily accessed from a work order.

“Transparent and direct communication paths between staff members are the obvious advantage of this Stefan Brehm, head of Spare Parts Management at the Jungheinrich group, adding that incoming orders could be processed more efficiently, “getting the spare parts our clients have ordered even faster to them.” The new spare parts centre provides secure, “future-proof” jobs for the approximately 250 staff members who moved from the old location.

This major project was implemented by the Jungheinrich Logistics Systems business division.

Sub-zero temperatures, 500-mile-an-hour (plus) winds, and shear forces that threaten to tear the plane apart at its weakest link are just some of the otherworldly stresses these multiton beasts face as they hurtle through the air, carrying their precious cargo.

Our solutions help our customers reduce confusion by allowing them to consolidate all asset-related documentation into a single and reliable source.Our solutions help our customers improve maintenance response times, especially during equipment failures, and help to reduce time lost searching for information. We help our customers reduce incorrect part orders and drastically reduce the time it takes for their maintenance technicians to locate and select the correct equipment and parts for a work order.Our solutions integrate with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems (IBM Maximo, SAP PM, Oracle e AM, Infor EAM, and others) to bring our visualization capabilities right to the maintenance personnel entering transactional data.Because 3D printing allows Airbus to use designs that, a few years ago, airplane designers could only dream of, such as a wing structure design based on the strong, elegant, and lightweight natural design of a water lily that grows in the Amazon River.But replicating complex designs that have evolved in nature over millennia is just the beginning of the benefits of 3D printing, which itself has been quietly evolving over the past few decades to where it is ready for prime time.Maintenance workers can access applicable documents directly from work orders, saving them time.